Protocol on External Medical Evacuation from Haiti for COVID-19 Cases


Objective of the protocol

The objective of this protocol is to clarify the procedures to follow in the event of a COVID-19-related medical emergency affecting an eligible employee and / or dependent of the UNCT and requiring evacuation from the country. The UN Medevac Framework is intended to serve as the primary modality for all COVID-19-related medevacs for the UN system. When activated, the UN Medevac Cell coordinates all tasks related to medical logistics in the context of COVID-19 medevac support for the UN, including identification of receiving country, suitable and available hospital, flight arrangements, and arrangements for ground transportation in the receiving country. Only the designated COVID-19 Coordinators are able to request medevac from the UN Medevac Cell.

The MEDEVAC of COVID-19 cases among UNCT personnel shall be coordinated by the Country COVID-19 Coordinator, in tandem with the Focal Point for the respective UNCT organization. MEDEVAC of BINUH personnel for COVID-19 cases will be coordinated by the BINUH COVID-19 Coordinator.

Authority to approve medical evacuations to medical facilities outside Haiti for COVID-19 cases is as follows:

a) Head of the respective UNSMS agency based on evaluation of a treating medical provider;

b) For BINUH, the SRSG in consultation with the BINUH doctor;

c) The Country or BINUH COVID-19 Coordinator will liaise with the UN Medevac Cell to trigger a COVID-19 medevac and to help the Medevac Cell confirm the patient’s eligibility and clinical need.

d) Should backup medevac modalities be required to medevac COVID-19 cases, the provisions below for medical evacuations for non-COVID-19 cases to facilities outside Haiti will apply.

This protocol is based on the "UN Medevac Framework for COVID-19" and linked to the memo developed by the PAHO / WHO office in Haiti entitled "Recommendations to United Nations personnel regarding COVID-19", which establishes the set of rules and guidelines to be applied by United Nations personnel classified as suspected or confirmed COVID-19, from the first symptoms to medevac. The protocol focuses on medical evacuation outside the country, a key step that has become more difficult given the restrictions imposed by the destination countries.