Police - United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) - Phase II

Planned Project Summary Information

Project number: HT-32591

Branch: Americas Branch

Country: Haiti

CIDA's ODA Priorities: 100% - 402 - Democratic institutions and practices

CIDA's Sectors: 100% - 15061 - Post-conflict peace-building (UN)

Project Approval Date: June 2005

Anticipated Project Duration: 1 year

Estimated Project Value: $17.5M

Project Implementation: Unsolicited Proposals Mechanism - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Competitive Contracts during the implementation of this project: No competitive contracts are planned

Project Description: This project will support the MINUSTAH in monitoring, restructuring and reforming the Haitian National Police (PNH), through the vetting and certification of its personnel, advising on its reorganization and training, including gender training, as well as monitoring/mentoring members of the PNH.

Project Impact:

1. The restoration of peace and security through an efficient and well trained Haitian police would allow Haitian to engage in political and economic activities and will facilitate the involvement of the civil society;

2. Our involvement in providing peace and security is a pre-requisisite to sustainable development in a country ravage by political and economic instability and crippling sanctions.

Project Outcomes:

1. An efficient Haitian police is important in the restoration of peace and security;

2. The police trained in community policing, human rights and other democratic principles will be able to influence the communities in which they work and provide security efficiently.

Project Outputs:

The one year program to provide up to 100 senior police officers to the MINUSTAH in order to support the:

1. re-establishment of the Rule of law and public security;

2. operationnal support to the PNH, joint patrols and joint operations to enhance their operationnal capacities;

3. training of the PNH in regards to the rights of children and women;

4. reform, restructuring, vetting and certification of the PNH applicants;

5. implementation of community policing.

This is the phase II to our support to MINUSTAH as per Resolution 1608 of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) of June 22nd, 2005

Development Officer: Raymonde Chantigny, (819) 997-9181

Internet Publication Date: October 27, 2005