Official launch of National Child Week

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 06 Jun 2018 View Original

by Jean Panel Fanfan

As part of the National Children’s Day to be held on June 10, the leaders of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research (IBESR) launched the week of childhood. This year, the celebration will be organized by and for the children. They logically participated in the launch conference by putting their aspirations on the map. Among the participants, UNICEF, which is a key partner in the child protection sector, was there.

“Konte m tankou tout sitwayen” (Count me like other citizens) is the main theme of this week. The children got together to choose it. The adults did not influence this choice, per the general director of the IBESR, Mrs. Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin.

“Konte m tankou tout sitwayen is more than a theme, it is a reminder of the obligation made to the Haitian State and parents to guarantee to every child, from birth, his right to identity, to a nationality and therefore, to a citizenship. In accordance with Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, “said Marley-Gnuelia M., 14 years old.

She recalled that the child is a subject of law and deserves all the protection to which he is entitled. “We are Haitians because the state recognizes us as a group of people in society and is the guarantor of our rights. Because as a human being we are born with all our rights”, she added.

Dawoodly D., 14 years old, welcomed the fact that children are involved in all the commemorative activities of Children’s Week. “This is an opportunity to enjoy our right to participation, but also to invite decision-makers to take responsibility for the rights of every child,” he insisted.

“It is an obligation for the State to immediately provide identification papers to a newborn. Children are entitled to birth certificates that prove they are citizens of the country, by virtue the law, “said Dawoodly. For him, the State must put in place a system that allows the effective recording of information to avoid identity problems in the future. “It is an obligation for the State to guarantee our rights, it must be aware of our existence and recognize that it has obligations to us,” he said.

“I have to count myself as all citizens because we are all born equal in law. We have the same rights, per Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “said 17-year-old Ronide L.

The Haitian Constitution makes no distinction in terms of rights between adults and minors, she said. “Although we understand that for some rights, there are conditions that relate to age, physical and intellectual abilities …”, she said, adding that the State has the obligation to guarantee the rights of all children, living in the country.

A week rich in activities focused on children

Mrs. Villedrouin expressed her emotion by hearing the speeches of these young teenagers. “This indicates their willingness to recognize their place in society. They represent the future of the country. At the IBESR level, we really wanted to highlight children so that they could express themselves, “she said. She took the opportunity to greet the various partners present including UNICEF, “the day-to-day partner of IBESR”.

Among other activities: The Child Protection Fair, with the participation of partners; chats in different schools, there will be recreational activities throughout the week; the climax will be June 10 with more than 2000 children, with the participation of important artists like Jean Jean Roosevelt, there will be clowns, games for children. Most activities will take place at the IBESR premises.

The National Children’s Day was instituted by the Haitian State in 1960. It aims to promote the rights of Haitian children.