Observations on Ongoing Efforts to Address the Haitian Housing Crisis

from Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Published on 13 Feb 2010 View Original
By Craig Cole,S.E.


This paper presents my observations, a structural engineer who arrived in Haiti the evening of February 11th, 2010 to assist where my expertise could best be put to use. In the two days I have been here I have gathered a variety of information on the housing problem in Haiti. In this paper I present my current understanding of various groups large and small, highly organized, and trying to get organized around the issue of housing. A key element is that housing is only one of many key issues that need immediate attention.

The paper is organized by first outline the key issues that I see regarding housing. This is following by a discussion of my brief knowledge of various groups that are participating in finding solutions to housing. I then wrap up with some thoughts on the issue of housing.