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During the weekend three aircraft will depart for Haiti. Sweden and the MSB will set up a base-camp for UN personnel. About 20 Swedes, including electricians and sanitation specialists, will be deployed for this task.

The Swedish team is self-sufficient so as not to burden Haiti further.

Transportation is a cooperative effort between the Nordic countries. Norway, Denmark, and Finland are also contributing to the base-camp with materiel, as is Estonia.

One cargo aircraft will depart Stockholm on Saturday. The second, the joint Nordic plane, a C17 from the Swedish Armed Forces will depart from =D6rebro. It is still not clear when and from where the third aircraft will depart.

"That's the status now on Thursday evening. Details and times are constantly changing, that's normal for this type of response," said Thomas Eneström, MSB.

Swedish assistance in Haiti is being financed by Sida.