MINUSTAH and Haitian Red Cross workers under fire in Cite Soleil

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Port-au-Prince, 9 June 2005 - One MINUSTAH officer and three Haitian civilian were wounded, one severely, when unknown people opened fire on the group which was gathered in front of a hospital in Cite Soleil around noon today. Children were also playing in front of the health center.

The team composed of five MINUSTAH military was conducting a reconnaissance mission at Chapi hospital. The four injured, among them two Haiti Red Cross volunteers, were evacuated to the Argentinean hospital in Port-au-Prince where they are currently treated.

"Our thoughts are with those who were injured during this unwarranted act", said General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira, MINUSTAH Military Force Commander. "The targeting of hospitals and Red cross workers is a savage act and clearly demonstrates the mentality of those who wish to threaten the stability and security of Haitian people", he added.

MINUSTAH Military Force maintains a zero tolerance policy against armed group and remains committed to ensuring a stable and secure environment for the people of Haiti.

For additional information, please contact MINUSTAH's Office of Communication and Public Information at tel.: (509) 510-2563 ext.: 6343 or 510- 3183/84/85 ext.: 6037- 6034-6035 or consult the Mission's Internet site at www.minustah.org.

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Errata du communiqué de presse 134 du 09 juin 2005

Port-au-Prince, 11 juin 2005 -- Des militaires de la Mission des Nations Unies pour la Stabilisation en Haïti (MINUSTAH) ont été pris sous les feux d'inconnus, le 9 juin 2005, faisant quatre blessés, dont un casque bleu de la MINUSTAH et deux volontaires de la Croix Rouge haïtienne. Cet incident est survenu alors que les militaires de la MINUSTAH se trouvaient devant les locaux de la Croix Rouge haïtienne, au cours d'une mission de reconnaissance à l'hôpital Chapi, à Cité Soleil. Les blessés ont été évacués à l'hôpital argentin de Port-au-Prince, où ils ont été hospitalisés et soignés.

Pour toute information supplémentaire, veuillez contacter le Bureau de la Communication et de l'Information publique de la MINUSTAH au tel. : (509) 510-2563 ext. : 6343 ou 510- 3183/84/85 ext. : 6037- 6034-6035 ou consultez le Site Internet de la Mission au http://www.minustah.org