Latest From Haiti Operation - 18 January 2010

Food distributions; incoming food supplies; reconnaissance flights; logistical operations; emergency telecommunications.

Learn about the most recent developments in WFP's operations in Haiti.

Here is the very latest information from our team on the ground in Haiti:

- In the week since the earthquake struck, 250,000 daily food rations have been distributed by WFP (120,000) and the US military (130,000) in Port-au-Prince and other areas

- An aircraft with 86,000 rations of High Energy Biscuits landed on Monday in Port-au-Prince from El Salvador. 16 million Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs) are also enroute, provided by the US, Italy and Denmark.

- WFP is in the process of procuring 4.2 million rations of supplementary ready- to-use food designed to provide children with their daily calorific and nutritional requirements

- Within the next week, WFP aims to move the equivalent of 10 million ready-to-eat meals so that people whose homes have been destroyed, and who have no access to cooking facilities can feed their families.

- As part of our lead agency role for the UN on logistics, WFP has secured a system through which humanitarian flights are guaranteed landing slots at PAP airport.

- WFP is establishing 4 humanitarian hubs to deliver food assistance in Port au Prince, and at least 30 others at locations across Haiti.

- We have started to shuttle humanitarian staff essential for the crisis response to PAP from Santa Domingo using UNHAS (the Humanitarian Air Service) WFP operates on behalf of the UN system - 30 today; goal : 100/day.