Latest from Haiti operation - 17 January 2010

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Food distributions; incoming food supplies; reconnaissance flights; logistical operations; emergency telecommunications. Read about the most recent developments in WFP's operations in Haiti.

Here is the very latest information from our team on the ground in Haiti:

- On Sunday, distributions took place at three locations in and around Port-au-Prince; 30 metric tons (MT) to 67,000 beneficiaries.

- On Monday, distributions due to take place at 8 locations with 200 MT of ready-to-eat food, with WFP aiming to reach as many as 95,000 beneficiaries. By the end of Monday, WFP will have distributed more than 200,000 food rations in and around Port-au-Prince.

- To date, WFP has been handling distributions with the help of volunteers from the UN peacekeeping force (Minustah) and some UN military. On Monday, distributions will be handled by Brazilian, Sri Lankan and Jordanian battalions, in addition to 3 NGOs: Childhope, Kiskea and Adra.

- A cargo aircraft carrying some 43 MT of HEBs is due to arrive from El Salvador at Port-au-Prince airport on Monday (a consignment of 20 MT HEB came via the Dominican Republic on Friday and onwards via land corridor to Port au Prince).

- WFP is planning to move 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel a day from the Dominican Republican to Port-au-Prince to meet high levels of demand following the depletion of existing fuel supplies in the capital.

- Aftershocks persist which is a concern given the damaged infrastructure.WFP will have to quickly find new warehouses as those in the city are now too damaged after Sunday's aftershock. 4 sites have been identified and are being evaluated.