Latest From Haiti Operation - 16 January 2010

Food distributions; incoming food supplies; reconnaissance flights; logistical operations; emergency telecommunications. Read about the most recent developments in WFP's operations in Haiti.

Here is the very latest information from our team on the ground in Haiti:

  • Saturday's objective: reach nearly 40,000 people on Saturday in Port-au Prince through food distributions.
  • A plane carrying 20.5 metric tons of High Energy Biscuits (HEBs) from El Salvador landed on Friday in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. HEBs have been loaded onto trucks and are currently being transported to Port-au-Prince. They are due to arrive this evening.
  • Another plane is due to depart from El Salvador today carrying 43 metric tons of High Energy Biscuits.
  • A third plane carrying non-food items (wikhals, generators and other humanitarian cargo from UNICEF) departed from Panama this morning. Cargo was from UNHRD Panama. This cargo was free of charge thanks to Ericsson. The two previous flights were sponsored by the Spanish Cooperation.
  • Three IT emergency responders are on their way to Haiti re-establish communication facilities for WFP and the entire humanitarian community as part of WFP's Emergency Telecommunication Cluster mandate. They will be joining two IT officers already in Port-au-Prince.
  • Additional equipment is on its way from Dubai; equipment will include solar panels, generators, laptops and wireless equipment to augment the first batch.