Lambi Fund of Haiti Earthquake Recovery

Recovery extends beyond relief: Donate now to Lambi Fund of Haiti to help Haitian communities recover today and thrive tomorrow.Our hearts go out to all the people of Haiti and their families who are victims of this terrible tragedy.

We at Lambi Fund of Haiti understand the pain and anxiety, as we too, search for staff, friends and family. We will be working with all of our abilities to help mitigate the damage that has occurred.

This devastating earthquake and its 30+ aftershocks have pounded Haiti and destroyed many of the sustainable development projects run by grassroots groups that are partnering with the Lambi Fund of Haiti. There is immediate and massive relief work to do. But Haiti needs longer-term help, too.

The Lambi Fund of Haiti is not a first responder, but a second responder. Lambi Fund will be there to help Haiti rebuild long after the relief service providers leave.

If you want to give to a first responder group, we recommend the following: Doctors without Borders, International Red Cross, and Partners in Health.

As a second responder, here are our plans for helping communities recover, today and tomorrow:

* A tremendous outmigration from Port au Prince back to the rural villages has already begun. Lambi Fund is gearing up to help members of peasant groups get food and essentials for their families to re-establish their lives.

* Provide seeds, tools and equipment for peasant groups to plant more crops to feed local communities.

* Rebuild grain mills, sugar cane mills, and other economic development community enterprises lost in the earthquake. These buildings are the centers of communities' economic livelihoods.

* Recapitalize micro-credit funds run by peasant organizations so that people can replenish and continue their small businesses.

* Repair rainwater cisterns so people will have a supply of safe drinking water.

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