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HRF Quarterly Update issue 2: Winter 2011/12

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About the HRF Quarterly Update Welcome to the second issue of the HRF Quarterly Update. Our objective is to bring you news about how the HRF is supporting the reconstruction in Haiti. The Update is intended to supplement the HRF’s annual report and is issued three times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Your feedback and inquiries are invited.

Highlights of this Issue
• US$7 million has been allocated for projects to promote vocational education and milk production; the Prime Minister’s Office is the new HRF counterpart (see Steering Committee Results)
• The HRF supports disaster risk reduction and sustainable development in the South Department with US$30 million for 3 projects (see Sector Vignette)
• Brazil is the HRF’s first donor and 2nd largest contributor with US$55 million (see Donor Spotlight)
• New contributions and pledges of US$ eq. 42 million from Finland, France, Norway, and the U.S. are being processed by the Trustee. Project level disbursements increased 43 percent in the last three months to US$56 million (see HRF Financial Update)