Haiti: Violence Against Health Care in Conflict 2021


On August 25, 2021 armed perpetrators kidnapped a female NGO health worker while she was on her way to work in Haiti’s Ouest department. The victim worked as a laboratory technician and had collaborated with a local hospital and prenatal clinic for over 15 years. As a result of the attack the NGO closed all its institutions in Haiti except for a hospital A&E department until the victim was released on August 28.


The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC) identified 15 incidents of violence against or obstruction of health care in Haiti in 2021, compared to six in 2020. Non-state armed groups affiliated to gangs equipped with firearms were named as perpetrators in all 15 incidents. At least eight health workers were kidnapped in these incidents.
This factsheet is based on the dataset 2021 SHCC Haiti Health Data, which is available for download on the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX).