Haiti: UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) humanitarian assistance project for agricultural producers in the Gonaïves region

Planned Project Summary Information

Project number: HT-32642

Branch: Americas Branch

Country: Haiti

CIDA's ODA Priorities: 100% - 108 - Humanitarian assistance

CIDA's Sectors: 80% - 31161 - Food crop production, 20% - 31181 - Agricultural education/training

Project Approval Date: March 2005

Anticipated Project Duration: 1 year

Estimated Project Value: $2.0M

Project Implementation: Unsolicited Proposals Mechanism - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Competitive Contracts during the implementation of this project: No competitive contracts are planned

Project Description: This FAO humanitarian assistance project aims to set up activities that will allow agricultural producers in the Gonaïves region to regain confidence and face the future with optimism. Apart from supporting emergency assistance coordinating mechanisms put in place by the Government of Haiti, executing the project's activities will put thousands of residents back to work, after being hard hit by political violence and flooding. This will be a major step in restoring peace.

FAO's priorities for this project are:

- To help the Government of Haiti, through its Interim Cooperation Framework, to improve the coordination of emergency agricultural activities in the Gonaïves region, to increase food security and the rehabilitation of agricultural activities in the field. This is being done in cooperation with various institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Rural Development, under the humanitarian coordination of the Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

- To carry out ad hoc emergency agricultural activities, supporting procurement of agricultural inputs by targeted recipients among the most vulnerable groups. Supply of inputs is accompanied by technical assistance (agrologists and extension officers). The project will use the experience that FAO and NGOs, such as CRS (Christian Relief Services), CARE, and Oxfam Quebec, have accumulated in organizing the distribution of agricultural inputs. This distribution of inputs aims to revitalize agricultural production and the rural economy, and to create jobs.

Project Impact: The economic situation of agricultural producers in the Gonaïves region is stabilized, after being affected by the political crisis and tropical storm Jeanne.

Project Outcomes:

- The project puts thousands of residents of the Gonaïves region back to work.

- The project strengthens the emergency assistance coordination mechanisms the Government of Haiti has put in place.

Project Outputs:

- Agricultural inputs (seed, tools, hens, goats, and banana-tree/fruit-tree/forest-tree seedlings) are distributed for the region's main types of production.

- Affected agricultural producers receive technical assistance to ensure household economic recovery.

- The project's activities are in line with the national and regional emergency coordination mechanisms that the Government of Haiti and the United Nations system have put in place.

- Field personnel, and joint evaluation missions with partners, continually evaluate the urgent needs of agricultural producers.

- Information is collected, analyzed, and disseminated about the region's food and agriculture situation, by producing and distributing a newsletter in consultation with the World Food Program and other partners.

Development Officer: Jean Bienvenue, 819-997-0791