Haiti two years on: European Commission's actions to help rebuild the country

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  1. EU assistance in brief

Two years ago, on 12 January 2010, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake.


  • 222 750 people dead - 1.7 million people left homeless - 60% of hospitals destroyed - Around 5 000 schools destroyed (23% of the total of Haiti)

  • 3 million people affected (nearly one third of the population)

  • Total impact cost around USD 7.8 billion ((€5.9 billion)

The Commission worked over the last two years in a complex environment to support Haiti’s emergency needs and reconstruction. The first objective was to address the immediate humanitarian needs and to ensure the functioning of the State and the delivery of basic social services. The Commission made sure that people were looked after in terms of shelter, and that the State could implement its core functions to avoid a collapse of the country.

Two years after, and despite the hurdles - the cholera epidemics, Hurricane Tomas, logistical challenges, and the political instability. European assistance has provided tangible results: saving lives, sheltering many of the homeless, curing many of the sick, feeding many of the hungry, rebuilding roads, schools and hospitals and supporting the Haitian authorities in their first steps toward reconstruction.

Today, the situation is still fragile and much remains to be done at all levels. The European Commission will continue its work on building strong links between relief, rehabilitation and development. It will focus its actions towards the re-launch of the economy and crisis prevention.