Haiti Transitional Appeal 2015 - 2016

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The Haiti Transitional Appeal (TAP) replaces and broadens the Humanitarian Action Plan of 2014 and thus serves as an integrated strategic and operational plan for humanitarian and resilience-building action implemented by the UN and Partners over the period 2015-2016.

The TAP includes interventions that will lay the foundations of sustainable development programming for the next planning cycle and addresses the underlying vulnerabilities, structural deficiencies and capacity gaps that have resulted in humanitarian needs.

The TAP is the result of a large-scale participatory planning process involving over 16 national Ministries, institutions and mechanisms, 20 United Nations entities and key members of the community of non-governmental and civil society organisations in Haiti. Unfolding over a five-month period, the planning process was marked by two major planning workshops and numerous validation exercises.

Strategic guidance and oversight was provided by a Steering Committee for Joint Planning, comprised of the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE) and the Office of the Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator (RCO/HCO). The RCO/HCO and the UN System provided coordination and compilation.

The Appeal serves multiple purposes: it will improve coordination amongst humanitarian and development actors and provide a mechanism for tracking the contributions of partners to the common goal of resilience–building in Haiti. The TAP should also support advocacy by sensitizing the assistance community on the situation of the most vulnerable.

Since it presents financial requirements for both humanitarian action and longerterm resilience-building action, the TAP will also mobilise resources of a humanitarian, transitional and development-oriented nature.

It is also hoped that the TAP will act as a leveraging tool, directing much needed development-oriented assistance towards national systems and budgets for programmes that will have maximum impact on fostering resilience among the most susceptible communities.

The TAP also acts as a bridge between planning cycles and aims to strengthen dialogue, analysis, and planning between the humanitarian and development communities.

Above all else, the TAP outlines a plan for accompanying national actors in their efforts to better identify, target and take-on the responsibility of protecting and supporting Haiti’s most vulnerable.
The appeal will have a mid-term review (end of 2015), which will provide an opportunity to integrate new analysis, reconsider factors that influence programming and the operating environment and update requirements related to partnerships with national counterparts.

In the event of an emergency, the TAP provides a framework for updating rapidly the requirements related to humanitarian action.

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