Haiti: School Collapses in Port au Prince OCHA Situation Report No. 1

On Friday 07 November 2008, the La Promesse College situated in Petion Ville (Port au Prince) collapsed during school hours leaving many students dead and some wounded.

Apparently the second floor of the three-story Christian school collapsed around 10:00am (1500 GMT) this morning. It is alleged that about 700 students attend the school. The reason for this incident still remains unknown.

In support of Government efforts to rescue victims, various humanitarian organizations including the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and the United Nations System in Haiti are presently on site, evacuating victims to hospitals.

Preliminary information shows that:

40 victims are reported dead;
30 wounded persons have been transferred to the Eliazard Germain hospital;
50 wounded persons have been transferred to the MSF-F run hospital (Trinité)
25 wounded persons have been transferred to the MSF-B run hospital in Martissant

Three other hospitals which have the capacity to accommodate more patients have also been identified.

The exact number of victims still remains unknown considering that many students are still trapped underneath the rubble of the collapsed building. A rescue team from the French Civil Protection unit in Martinique is expected to arrive tonight to assist in the search and rescue operation. MINUSTAH will provide logistical support to the operation.

OCHA Haiti continues to monitor the situation very closely.


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