Haiti Rebuilds

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Two years after the devastating earthquake of 12 January 2010, Haiti continues to draw on its resources to recover. The international humanitarian response has been unprecedented, and many initiatives have emerged to assist the Haitians in dealing with these devastating events. The recovery process will take many years, but numerous results have already been observed on the ground over the past 12 months: 50% of the debris removed, over 300,000 jobs created and 2,000 metres of gabion walls erected. These results have been the fruit of partnerships with key stakeholders from the central and local government, the United Nations, international and local NGOs, the local private sector, and especially the Haitian people.


  • Reconstruction: 20% of removed debris recycled, 500 red houses demolished.
  • Capacity building: 2,700 Haitian professionals trained, 70 experts deployed to support the government.
  • Job creation: 300,000 jobs created, 40% of women employed.
  • Disaster risk reduction: 2,000 metres of gabion walls constructed, 10 municipalities protected.
  • Fight against AIDS and TB: 10 million condoms distributed, 60% of TB patients cured.
  • Environment: 2,200 square kilometres of protected areas, 400 hectares reforested.