Haiti partner inundated with quake injuries

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Medical staff with a Tearfund partner in Haiti are working around the clock treating hundreds of people with earthquake-related injuries.

The King's Hospital, run by World Relief, is one of the few places offering treatment in the capital Port-au-Prince after escaping the tremors with just a few cracks to the walls.

It's been operating since last Tuesday's quake killed between 50,000 and 200,000 people. The disaster prompted Tearfund to launch an emergency appeal alongside that of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). To give, click here.

Broken bones from falling masonry are among the main injuries doctors and nurses are dealing with.


Dr Hubert Morquette, World Relief's country director for Haiti, said, 'We've treated hundreds of injuries as well as countless open and closed fractures.

'We work all day and late into the night as patients continue to flock to our facility. There's a lot of suffering and we go above and beyond trying to save lives but at times they still succumb to their injuries.

'We bless the Lord's name for the medical supplies we've received over the last couple of months which have enabled us to provide care to our numerous patients.'

Total despair

More medical staff are needed, particularly surgeons, and there's also a shortage of antibiotics and pain-killers.

Dr Morquette added, 'Port-au-Prince is in total despair. The major governmental institutions have crumbled. It is a major catastrophe.'

World Relief has been working in Haiti for 15 years, partnering with local churches on health projects and micro-enterprise schemes.

Tearfund is responding to the earthquake through such local partners and has also sent a disaster response team to Haiti.