Haiti: our solidarity must measure up to their suffering

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Tens of thousands dead. Two million people living in the rubble. Essential infrastructures destroyed, basic services decimated, economic activity and jobs paralysed. The Haitian people is in danger and our solidarity must measure up to their suffering, which is extreme.

Previously active in Haiti for several years (2005 - 2007), SOLIDARITES is sending an emergency team to the disaster zone to assist the survivors by providing them with water and sanitation, food aid and essential products, for those who have lost everything in the earthquake.

"Whilst this earthquake is first and foremost a tragedy for each person and family affected, it is also much more deadly, in proportion to the total population, than the tsunami which hit South East Asia 5 years ago", declares Alain Boinet, Managing Director of SOLIDARITES.

SOLIDARITES calls for an exceptional level of solidarity to first of all save lives, then to provide food and water, and finally to participate in the reconstruction of basic services, in close cooperation with the stricken populations.

SOLIDARITES has launched a special appeal for donations: "SOLIDARITES - mission Haïti", which will materialize as immediate aid with all donations being directly allocated to this mission.

To help the Haitian population today, please send your donations to "SOLIDARITES - mission Haïti" at the address below, or make an online donation on our website www.solidarites.org

SOLIDARITES, which was created 30 years ago, carried out 127 aid programmes in 13 countries during 2008, providing relief for around 3.5 million people through the dedication of 178 expatriate volunteers and 1800 local employees.

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