Haiti : Key Message Update - Increased acute food insecurity in a context of difficult market access, November 2019

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 01 Dec 2019 View Original

Key messages

Livelihoods remain disrupted by socio-political unrest. Poor households must therefore continue to sell seeds and intensify the sale of charcoal among other strategies to maintain their basic food consumption. Food insecurity in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Stress (IPC Phase 2) remain throughout the country, with a significant number of households in Crisis.

Rain deficits in the last few weeks could possibly lead to lower harvests than what has been forecast so far for the fall season, although this will only be confirmed in the coming weeks. However, the pigeon pea, more resistant to the lack of rain, is beginning to be harvested and bodes well.

With the deterioration of the current socio-political situation, the insecurity and the disruption of the roads, traders have difficulties to sell their products and households to access food in the markets.

In addition, the income-generating activities of the poorest (petty trade, charcoal sales, rural migration, etc.) are disrupted, although during the last two weeks, the situation tends to stabilize. At the same time, purchasing power is deteriorating in a context of rising prices for staple foods and the depreciation of the exchange rate against the Dominican peso and US dollar.