Haiti: Hurricane Sandy - Situation Report No. 04 (as of 09/11/2012)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 09 Nov 2012


  • Heavy rains in the night of 8/9 November, in the Nord, Nord-est and Nippes result in flooding, damage to homes and 10 deaths in Cap Haitien. No information is yet available on the impact of the rains in the Nippes department.

  • Damage assessments on impact of Sandy by GoH and humanitarian partners are ongoing but overall figures are being collated.

  • Casualties: 54 dead; 21 missing; 20 injured;

  • Camps: 7,450 families in 119 camps are affected and require urgent assistance; 5,800 shelters have been destroyed or severely damaged;

  • 65 camps targeted for immediate response related to health issues;

  • 9,520 tents have been distributed;

  • Homes: 6,059 flooded; 6,274 destroyed, 21,427 damaged;

  • 33 760 affected families;

  • Food security: 1.5 million people affected by food insecurity. Out of this, 450 000 people and 4,000 children under 05 may suffer from severe acute malnutrition;

  • Health: Considerable increase in new cholera: 3,593 new cases and 29 dead between 31 October and 8 November, 2012 (WHO).

  • Infrastructure damage: Destroyed bridges and little access to Arcahaïe (Ouest), Jeremie (Grande Anse);

  • Flooded rivers preventing access to Bainet, Belle Anse, and Grand Gosier (Sud est). The flooding of the Rivière Grise in Part-au-Prince has limited access to communes such as Carrefour.

  • Education: 49 schools destroyed, 100 damaged. Up to 40,000 students affected.

  • The GACI (Groupe d’Appui de la Communauté Internationale) met on Thursday 8 November to raise funds for rapid response.

Situation Overview

Damage assessments nationwide are almost complete but overall figures are awaited. So far the storm caused 54 deaths, especially in the Ouest and southern departments. There are 21 missing and 20 injured persons.

Up to 21,500 homes were flooded, damaged or destroyed. 33,760 families were affected by the hurricane. The situation in camps was more serious than expected. Up to 18,000 people in temporary shelters were affected by Sandy and 5,800 shelters were damaged or destroyed. As a result, 7,360 families in camps require urgent assistance.

1.5 million people are potentially at risk of food insecurity. There are serious concerns about 450,000 people and 4,000 children under 05 at risk of severe acute malnutrition. 3,593 new cholera cases and 29 dead between 31 October and 8 November 2012 nationwide reported by PAHO/WHO.

Under DPC coordination, food kits are being distributed to 100,000 people for a 3 week to one month period. This adds up to total of 800 tons of foodstuff distributed to the most severely affected families, according to WFP.

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