Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 6 (10 October 2016)

Situation Report
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  • US$119 million Flash Appeal launched to provide life-saving relief to 750,000 people affected by Hurricane Matthew.

  • 1,410,907 people (12.9% of the population) need humanitarian assistance.

  • 2.1 million people are estimated to have been affected.

  • 372 people have been killed in seven departments from south-east to north-west, according to data available at noon on 10 October.

Situation Overview

After cutting a deadly swath across the Caribbean region on 4 October 2016, the Category-4 Hurricane Matthew violently struck south-western Haiti, causing the largest humanitarian emergency since the earthquake six years ago. The Directorate of Civil Protection has, at the time of this report, confirmed 372 deaths and 246 injuries. The number of evacuees is 175,509 in 224 temporary shelters. Nearly 1,410,907 people need immediate assistance.

An estimated total of 2.1 million people have been affected. In close coordination with the Government of Haiti and other partners, the Humanitarian Country Team in Haiti launched a Flash Appeal seeking US$119.8 million in emergency funding to meet the most urgent humanitarian needs of 750,000 people for the next three months. This appeal is in addition to the 2016 Haiti Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). The appeal targets vulnerable groups in identified priority sectors and takes into account the capacities at the national level and of humanitarian partners on the ground. Over the next week, partners will develop individual projects in support of sector activities and financial requirements identified in this appeal, while adapting the response to the most up-to-date assessment results.

The UN Secretary-General addressed a special message today in New York during a press conference on the situation in Haiti. He expressed his strong solidarity with the people of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and took the opportunity to express again his deepest condolences and sympathies to the people who have been affected by this Hurricane Matthew. He recalled the severity of the Hurricane with the hundreds of lives lost and the 1.4 million people who need urgent humanitarian assistance, including those whose towns and villages have been almost entirely wiped off the map.

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