Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 34 (2 February 2017)


Main Points

  • A minimum expenditure basket for recurrent Multi-Purpose Grant (MPG) transfers was recently agreed for piloting in Haiti. The MPG involves three sectors: Food Security, WASH and Shelter/NFIs.

  • WFP has established a hotline service to allow people affected by the hurricane to ask questions and provide feedback on assistance provided, including cash-based transfers.

  • The Logistics Working Group is providing air transport support to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to deliver assistance in hard-to-reach villages and areas of Sud and Grand’Anse regions.

  • With the end of the emergency phase drawing closer, a number of health partners are moving out of Sud and Grand’Anse regions.

People received cash-based transfers in Port-Salut (Sud Region) last week
Source: WFP

Children under 5 were provided with specialized nutritious food between 19-26 January 2017
Source: WFP

People have received soap on a regular basis to meet hygiene needs in Grand’Anse
Source: WASH Sector

Situation Overview

The Cash Steering Committee reached a consensus on the basket of items of the Multi-Purpose Grants (MPG) to be used for recurrent unconditional MPG transfers. The basket includes food, hygiene, and non-food items as well as a percentage for other products (transportation, medicines, communication, fuel, etc.). The transfer value will be determined on the basis of a price and gaps analysis currently underway. The MPG will be piloted in Les Cayes with CERF funding. Another type of MPG to respond to seasonal or one-off needs will be designed with the Early Recovery and Livelihoods Sector for the rapid recovery phase. MPG distributions will require careful targeting of beneficiaries for which beneficiary selection criteria are being developed.

With respect to Communication with Communities (CWC), WFP has established a hotline service to allow people affected by the hurricane to ask questions and give feedback on assistance provided by WFP, including cash-based transfers. Information about this service was aired on 21 January during a creole-language Internews radio programme broadcasted across Haiti. Telecommunications equipment for a Community Radio project being implemented by WFP with Internews has arrived in country. This project seeks to rehabilitate four local community radio stations to improve their ability to transmit important, localized messages and invite increased community dialogue on humanitarian issues. These radio stations should be operational by mid-March.


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