Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 01 (as of 05 October 2016)


This report is produced by OCHA Haiti in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It was issued by OCHA Haiti. It covers the period from 03 to 05 Oct 2016. The next report will be issued on 06 Oct.


  • According to the information gathered by OCHA/UNDAC during an aerial observation mission, hurricane Matthew has severely affected the south part of Haiti, especially the departments of Grand Anse and South, where the wind produced severe damages. The team did not observe major landslides or floods at this time.

  • According to the available information by the Civil Protection Directorate (DPC), the hurricane has made a human toll of 5 deaths, 1 missing persons, 10 wounded, more than 15 thousands people evacuated, 1,855 houses flooded, 500 houses very damaged, 348 houses destroyed and the hospital of Jeremie affected.

  • One of the main roads to deliver assistance to the affected communities is inaccessible due to the collapse of a bridge in the town of Petit Goave. The roads to Grand Anse Department are also reported to be damaged.

  • Phone lines have not been re- established with municipalities in the department of Grand Anse.

  • A number of UN and humanitarian personnel based in that area is not yet accounted for.

  • 234 shelters are open across the country and 186 temporary shelters are available in the South. th - The Ministry of Education has sent an official note announcing that schools will remain closed until the 10 October 2016.

  • The Haitian authorities have postponed presidential and legislative elections originally scheduled for Sunday, October 09th, until an assessment of the damage caused by the hurricane is made.

1,125,402 Estimated affected people Source: UNOSAT
350,000+ In need of assistance Source: Civil Protection Department (DPC)
15,623 Evacuated Source: Civil Protection Department
1,855 Flooded houses Source: Civil Protection Department

Situation Overview

According to the National Hurricane Center (NOAA), as of 11AM EDT on 5 October, hurricane Matthew is heading for the Bahamas after hitting Haiti hardly yesterday. A tropical storm warning is in effect for the whole country and Matthew is expected to have produced or will continue to generate total rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches, isolated 40 inches in Southern Haiti and 1 to 3 inches, isolated 5 inches in Northeastern Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew has made so far a human toll of 5 deaths, 1 persons lost, 10 wounded, more than 15 thousands evacuated, 152 temporarily shelters opened, 1,855 houses flooded, 500 houses very damaged, 348 houses destroyed and the hospital of Jeremie affected.

Haiti’s National Emergency Operations Centre (COUN) has been activated by the Civil Protection Directorate (DPC), as well as other departmental emergency centers. However, these entities do not have any power generator capacity or satellite phones, which have impacted communication, as they are struggling to be in contact with the capital city. The Civil Protection Directorate (DPC) - the Government body in charge of the emergency - has made a projection of an estimated 350 thousand people in need and asked the humanitarian community to help the assessment and response accordingly. The DPC has also asked to prioritize the people currently located in the temporary shelters for urgent humanitarian response.

According to PAHO/WHO, a cholera outbreak was recently reported in Randel, South department. Six deaths in were already reported before the passage of Hurricane Matthew in the same community. However, it is not yet clear if the impact of the hurricane will increase the spread of cholera epidemics in the region.


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