Haiti Hurricane Matthew Response: 2 Months Overview (04 October - 04 December 2016)


1.519.900 Affected Persons

115.000 Person without Housing

44.299 Affected Female Headed Households

Hurricane Matthew led to large scale destruction and da-mages to communities housing infrastructure and assets. The first Category 4 hurricane to landfall on Haiti in 52 years further exacerbated vulnerabilities of populations already prone to poor living conditions especially in rural and at risk areas.

Most of the housing infrastructure located on its trajectory and near its eye didn't withstand the strength of its impact and had their roofs, structures and walls blown away. Both housing structures in urban and peri urban areas seemed to have experienced moderate to serious damages despite their concrete/block structures - preliminary findings seem to indicate that were totally destroyed due to their structures built more traditionally in timber, thatch and mud.

Most of the affected communities stayed in their place of origins or were hosted by relatives and neighboors. Some took shelter in public and private buildings. Many remain cut off from any access, in remote mountainous and coastal areas and demand immediate Shelter and NFI assistance.

A total number of 370,000 housing unit impacted by the hurricane

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