Haiti: Hurricane Matthew Report 1

from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Published on 18 Oct 2016

Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief: Les Cayes and Jeremie Assessment Update

After the devastating Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, Tzu Chi mobilized it’s disaster assessment team, sending volunteers to survey the destruction and determine immediate needs. Meeting with the mayor of Les Cayes, Jean Gabriel Fortune, Tzu Chi volunteers identified two urgent needs: heavy equipment is required to clear access roads and neighborhoods damaged by the storm, and a need for roofing to be reconstructed for residents affected by the storm. Following the assessment of Les Cayes, Tzu Chi volunteers visited the city of Jeremie, meeting with Mayor Claude Harry Milord. Over 9000 families were affected as the storm destroyed their homes. As the outbreak of cholera begins, an urgent need for medical supplies and tarp emerges. Additionally, a need for clean water, and space to cook. In an attempt to clear their homes of the wreckage, families are cluttering streets with debris and litter. After completion of damage assessment, Tzu Chi volunteers identified 2,000 individuals that required urgent need, in material aid and food supplies. Tzu Chi also begins planning for possibility of initiating a cash for relief program in Les Cayes and Jeremie and distribution of material goods including tarps and blankets.

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