Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Emergency Appeal Operations n° MDRHT013, Update n° 4


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4 October 2016 as a Category 4 hurricane, causing massive destruction mainly in the departments of Grand-Anse, Sud, Nippes, and Nord-Ouest and to a lesser extent in Sud-Ouest and Ouest departments. The government reported 546 deaths and 439 injuries because of the hurricane. About 2.1 million people were affected, including 806,000 people in need of urgent food assistance.

In the first three months following the disaster (October to December 2016), the HRCS, with support from its Movement partners, promptly responded by distributing highly needed emergency items to about 42 470 families. Operations update 1, 2 and 3 provided further details on Red Cross Red Crescent (RC/RC) Movement achievements during the emergency phase of the operation.

The recovery phase of the operation, which was expected to begin on 1st January 2017, was delayed due to the enormous challenges registered during the emergency phase. Some of those challenges included recruiting the appropriate staff for the rolling out of the recovery phase, finalising contracts with service providers for cash transfer distributions before the 2017 planting season in Haiti, the security constraints posed by the socio-political situation in intervention areas, and the need to prioritise activities taking into consideration available funding as the appeal coverage has remained very low.

This Operations update No 4 is highlighting the progress made by the RC/RC Movement in Haiti in Response to Matthew Operation from February to March 2017. The salient achievement during this reporting period was in water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH). Hurricane Matthew destroyed water distribution systems in affected localities, leaving available water sources contaminated. The WASH team pursued the distribution of water purification tablets, restored water distribution systems in parts of Grand-Anse Department, mainly in Anse d’Hainault and les Irois, in close collaboration with local Government authorities as illustrated by these letters acknowledging the work done by the Red Cross.

Currently, the international appeal has received approximately 7,851,498 Swiss francs in hard and soft pledges. Approximately 1,231,446 Swiss francs in bilateral contributions have also been registered (including ERU). To date, the appeal has received financial or in-kind contributions from: American Red Cross, British Red Cross/ British government, Canadian Red Cross Society/Canadian government, Credit Suisse Foundation, Danish Red Cross (from Ole Kirk´s Fond), the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO), French Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, the Red Cross Society of China’s Hong Kong branch, private donors in Great Britain, the Italian government’s bilateral emergency fund, Japanese Red Cross Society/Japanese government, private donors in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein Red Cross; private donors in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Red Cross, Monaco Red Cross/Monaco government, the Republic of Korea government and the Republic of Korea National Red Cross, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Singapore Red Cross Society, Spanish Red Cross, private donors in Spain, Swedish Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross/Swiss government, Iranian Red Cross, New Zealand Red Cross, Barbados Red Cross, Mexico Red Cross, private donors in Switzerland, the United Nation’s Development Programme from Chilean government, UL LLC Underwriters Laboratories, UNDP - United Nations Development Programme (from Chile Government), private donors in the United Arab Emirates, private donors in the United States of America, Voluntary Emergency Relief Fund (VERF)/WHO, private donors in Kenia. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement on behalf of the HRCS thank all donors and partners for their support.

Summary of current response

Overview of Host National Society

HRCS is guiding the operation, which is being supported by Red Cross and Red Crescent partners working in Haiti and coordinated by the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) at the national and local level.

Red Cross volunteers and National Society staff in affected localities, namely Sud, Grand-Anse, Nippes, Sud-est, Ouest and Nord-Ouest departments, have been mobilized to work in close collaboration with Movement partners to assist the most vulnerable people. The information on achievements by Movement partners are centralized on an online-based smart sheet where they are validated by the Haitian Red Cross prior to being used for reports and other publications.

Overview of Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in country

The Participating National Societies (PNS) active in country are: American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross Society, Dominican Red Cross, French Red Cross, German Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross Society, Netherlands Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross and Swiss Red Cross, which support the HRSC on programmes throughout the country; they have been actively involved from the beginning of the operation either through assessments activities, sensitization, logistical support, distributions, financial and in-kind resources and now through coordination efforts in operationalizing a Movement-wide plan of action to respond to the affected population’s immense needs. The following table indicates the localities of intervention and the Movement member supporting the Haitian Red Cross in aiding affected people during the recovery phase that began in January 2017: