Haiti: Humanitarian situation report Oct 2006

Situation Report
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1. The security situation in Haiti remains relatively calm, with some incidents in the regions, in particular Cap Haitien and Gonaives. The ongoing talks between the Haitian Government and the armed gangs seem to have stabilized the situation.

2. However, in the capital, Port-au-Prince, the situation continues volatile; with murders and kidnappings. In spite of the more forceful joint operations, shootings and other attacks against MINUSTAH and HNP in sensitive areas of Port-au-Prince continued. In Martissant, the situation remains very tense. MINUSTAH and local authorities began a series of discussions to develop a permanent security program, with the setting up of a joint HNP/MINUSTAH office. Concerning Cite Soleil, after weeks of a fragile calmness, renewed and sporadic clashes were reported between Cite Soleil gangs and MINUSTAH forces. Meanwhile, PNH has been visiting this area with the purpose of progressively reinstalling in sites abandoned 3 years ago.

3. On the other hand, on 24 October, during the celebration of the United Nations Day, in Port-au-Prince, students demonstrated against MINUSTAH, damaging several UN vehicles. Some days before, around 3,000 sympathizers of Jean Bertrand ARISTIDE, former president of Haiti, participated in a demonstration in Port-au-Prince to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 1991 coup d’état. In Cap Haitien, demonstrations counted around 2,000 participants.

4. MINUSTAH inaugurated its Liaison Office in the Haitian Parliament on 4 October. The President of the Senate, Joseph LAMBERT, declared that this initiative highlights the good cooperation relations between MINUSTAH and Parliament.

5. Concerning the forthcoming elections, the 3rd December 2006 was confirmed as the date for municipal elections. Several political parties and organizations criticized the Provisory Electoral Committee (CEP) for fixing the date above, because that would not give necessary guarantees for the process.


6. OCHA presented a mapping product concerning the presence of the humanitarian actors in Haiti, by sectors and communes (please, see below the figure #1). This work is being made in collaboration with the Humanitarian and Development Coordination Section and with the technical support of the Geography Information Services Unit, both of MINUSTAH, and reflects the contributions of the humanitarian actors in Haiti, who provided their data. The data contained in the eleven elaborated maps correspond to the information received until September 21, 2006 and will be updated every four month. All maps were also sent to all the participants. All organizations have been invited to continue sharing information on their programmes using a form jointly agreed.

7. Concerning the setting up of the cluster approach in Haiti, to facilitate the humanitarian coordination by sector in the event of natural or man-made disaster, the UN Country Team will make a formal validation in the forthcoming weeks.

8. Regarding the “Tables de Concertation”, in order to enhance sectorial coordination at departmental level, several meetings were held in West, South-East, South, Grande-Anse and North, where 6 sectorial “tables” were identified: water and sanitation, agriculture, education, health and nutrition, institutional support and infrastructures.

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