Haiti: Humanitarian Funding Overview (as of 12 November 2018)

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The bi-annual Haiti Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2017-2018 was launched in January 2017 with a budget of $291.5 million for projects in 2017. The budget was revised to $192.2 million in September 2017 to focus on actions that were still feasible in the last quarter of 2017. Subsequently, the HRP itself was revised in January 2018 with due consideration given to the evolution of the humanitarian situation in Haiti in 2017. The humanitarian community, in support of the efforts of the Haitian government, aims to reach 2.2 million out of the estimated 2.8 million people in need in 2018. The response plan requires US $252.2 million in 2018 to achieve this goal.

To date, US $28.2 million has been received and in addition to these contributions is a sum of US $39. million for activities outside the HRP.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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