Haiti Food Security Outlook, February to June 2012

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 27 Mar 2012 View Original

Key Messages

  • Improved food availability is reported in almost every region in the country due to current harvests. This situation should last until March/April, a period marking the beginning of the lean period which will result in food reserve decreases lasting through the end of June.

  • Markets are well stocked with local and imported food products. Even though prices are high, they are stabilizing. Rice prices, however, have dropped, which promotes greater food access for poor families.

  • The spring agricultural campaign will begin in March or April with the start of the rainy season. This activity is the opportunity for farmers to earn significant income. Agricultural development agencies intend to provide technical and material assistance to ensure the success of this season.

  • The impact of the cholera epidemic has steadily declined since October, one year after the introduction of the disease into the country. The reason is the dry season and the preventive measures taken by those responsible. However, the rainy season, which will start in March/April, may cause a resurgence of the epidemic in the most vulnerable areas.

  • Some regions of the country such as the Nord-Ouest, the upper Artibonite, the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and other pockets throughout various departments may be in a precarious position between April and June. Low harvests caused by drought in these regions and difficult living conditions in shantytowns and camps which will worsen during the rainy season will cause this situation.