Haiti - Floods and landslides (DG ECHO, Haiti Civil Protection Directorate, Oxfam, ACF) (ECHO Daily Flash of 18 May 2017)

  • Heavy rains have fallen uninterrupted since 16 May, affecting areas still recovering from the passage of Hurricane Matthew on 4 October 2016 in the South, Grand’Anse, South-East, West and North-West departments, but also in other areas located in Artibonite and Centre departments. Several municipalities present soils 100% saturated. This has caused massive fast flooding episodes and multiple landslides.

  • Local authorities report a provisional death toll of 4. In Grand’ Anse Department, 19 fishermen are reported missing and 287 individuals have been evacuated. Several roads have been affected by landslides and crops have been damaged.

  • In the South, roads are blocked. In the communes of Les Anglais and Roche-a-Bateaux, a bridge in the national road has completely collapsed due to the swelling of the Mulet river, leaving all south-western coastal municipalities isolated. Floods have been reported in the city of Les Cayes. The departmental hospital has been affected. Shelter is a major constraint, as several post-Matthew emergency reparations done with plastic sheeting have been damaged.

  • In the North-West, roads have been affected and one bridge destroyed. Floods have affected the city of Port de Paix.