Haiti Epidemic Advisory System (HEAS) SitRep 12.8.10


On December 3rd, MSPP reported 91,770 hospital visits for cholera, 43,243 of which were admitted, and 2,071 fatalities as of that day. These retrospective statistics continue to represent gross underestimates of the true caseload and fatalities seen in Haiti thus far.

o The greatest discrepancies in reporting are observed in the difficult to reach mountainous, rural areas. There are currently no credible statistics to account for these communities, which are thought to represent nearly 2/3 of Haiti by land area.

o The election period may have disrupted official reporting.

o Precipitation is forecasted for this weekend, particularly for the southern peninsula, which may result in enhancement of transmission. We hypothesize the dry period experienced by much of the country post-Tomas has inhibited transmission.