Haiti: Emergency Tracking - Displacement in Martissant - Factsheet No. 1, 18 June 2021



Haiti continues to grapple with protracted social, political and economic motivate instabilities which do not seem close to ending. From politically motivated country wide blockades in 2018 and 2019, to periodic gang related violence in 2020, the country’s capital and some departments throughout the country have been impacted by these challenges . As of June 2021, an upsurge of gang clashes has resulted in the displacement of an estimated 14,000 civilians in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. Specifically, sporadic inter-gang conflicts in the commune of Carrefour (in the southern part of the Ouest department) finally erupted into severe violence which has caused the displacement of residents of the neighborhood of Martissant in Carrefour in neighboring areas, including a sports center (Centre Sportif de Carrefour). In response to the displacement and in support of the Government of Haiti and general humanitarian community in Haiti, IOM has undertaken the registration of the Internally Displaced Persons in the Centre Sportif de Carrefour location, through its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) initiative. This document presents complete results from the registration of 423 households (855 persons) currently residing in the site as of 17 June 2021.

(Reported number of persons amounts to 1,115 persons; it is estimated that 260 persons are currently separated from households who are currently in the site)