Haiti earthquake: TSF connects MSF’s operational centre in Les Cayes and conducts itinerant operations for the population

TSF installed a satellite broadband connection at the operational centre of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Les Cayes and is conducting itinerant Wi-Fi operations for isolated communities in the surrounding areas.

Part of the main hospital in Les Cayes had been severely damaged by the earthquake that hit Haiti on 14 August. MSF-France set up a temporary camp with tents to treat the patients, and their local operational centre in Les Cayes takes care of the logistics and provision of medicines to the hospitals of the whole department. The local network remains unstable, TSF’s connection is thus essential to ensure that the provision of the necessary equipment to treat the patients can continue without interruptions.

In parallel, a TSF team conducts itinerant operations in the surroundings of Les Cayes, to provide a few hours of Internet connectivity to the population affected by the earthquake. These operations take into account the COVID situation in order to protect the population. They include only the use of wireless equipment with the provision of a Wi-Fi link that allows the beneficiaries to connect to the Internet and make, for example, calls through instant messaging applications. These operations cover in particular the villages of Corail Henry and Sucrerie Henry, to the east of Les Cayes, where the network is either down or unstable. Here, the majority of the houses collapsed or were severely damaged by the earthquake, and the population is living in makeshift camps. “I have friends in Canada and France, I could send them messages and download voice messages, it is very important for us, thanks a lot!” Jean-Marie Romain, a resident from Sucrerie Henry, told us. TSF’s connection helps them stay in contact with family and friends and to share information about their precarious situation.

TSF also is also continuing its support to the On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) in Les Cayes. Several families lost everything due to the earthquake, and will need help in the reconstruction phase. With the aim of providing sustainable assistance, TSF contacted a local telecom operator in order to identify a long-term connectivity solution for the OSOCC. This connection will be managed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) and will be available for all the organisations involved in the response to the earthquake.