Haiti: Earthquake survivors Miline and Francoise share their experiences

17 January 2010: Miline*, aged 12, and Francoise*, a mother who lost her husband and 2 children in the Haiti earthquake, share their experiences with Plan staff who have been distributing emergency supplies to their communities in Port-au-Prince.

Miline: I haven't eaten all day

"I was returning from school that day, the things started shaking. My house got destroyed, and now we are all here (in the camp). Whatever we have, we share it between us.

"All the people here had their houses destroyed and can't do anything about it - small kids and adults.

"The school is completely destroyed. We share the food with those who don't have any. Together, we put our money together to buy food in one shop in Croix de Bouquet.

"Some families were more affected. My cousin died and some people were upstairs in their homes when they fell and were hurt. And here some people are sick. Right now, we have no food or drink or water. We need clothes, most our clothes were in our houses.

"I went to church this morning - I haven't eaten all day. I need a lot of things.

We are all sleeping here together, we don't have any choice."

Francoise: All my family is dead

"I was washing clothes, then everything starting shaking. There was a loud noise, I rushed to get the kids who were in the house - but one of them died.

"People are giving us food and medical assistance but I want to go back up north, where I come from. My husband is dead, all my family is dead, I'm in a bad way. The children are falling sick here. They understand what happened, they are ill and sad. I'm now in the street. I need a house for my family."

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