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World Relief has dispatched its Disaster Response team to Haiti following Tuesday's massive earthquake.

Right now, the situation in the capital Port-au-Prince is critical. Dr. Hubert Morquette, World Relief's Country Director, described the scene as "devastating and grave."

An estimated 3 million people have been impacted, tens of thousands have been killed or injured, and many remain trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Traumatized and grief-stricken, people wander the streets in a daze. On Tuesday night, many slept out in the debris-filled streets.

The Next 72 Hours

The next 72 hours will be critical for rescue and relief teams working at the scene to pull people alive from the rubble and treat serious injuries.

Most urgently needed right now is water, food, medical care, blankets and shelter.

World Relief Responds

Today, World Relief dispatched its Disaster Response team to Haiti to assess the situation on the ground and get emergency relief under way.

World Relief will be working with other agencies at the scene and alongside local church partners to get aid as quickly as possible to the most vulnerable people in the devastated capital.

The situation in Port-au-Prince is chaotic, and relief teams face logistical challenges including transportation and communications. World Relief is still trying to confirm that all local staff members in Port-au-Prince are safe.

Haiti's Churches on the Frontlines

In the days ahead, Haiti's churches will be at the center of relief and recovery efforts. In the aftermath of past disasters, local churches have been on the frontlines, delivering aid and encouraging survivors.

You Can Help

Please give generously to help Haiti's suffering people. In partnership with World Relief and local churches at the scene, your gift of any amount today will help bring hope in Jesus' name.

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