Haiti Earthquake Facts and Figures


  • On January 12, 2010 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti from an epicenter located 10 miles southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince

- 230,000 Estimated Deaths

- 2 Million Estimated Displaced Individuals in Haiti

- 1.6 Million VERIFIED of Displaced Individuals in Settlements

- 3 Million Estimated Affected Population

Developments - First Year

- As of November 19, 2010 (Stats from: USAID and Government of Haiti (GoH)

o More than 19,000 transitional shelters (t-shelters) have been completed, sufficient to house nearly 96,000 individuals

o 330,819 of the estimated 350,000-400,000 buildings requiring habitability assessment have been assessed.

o Current habitability assessment figures indicate that 54% of houses are "green" or safe, 25% are "yellow" indicating that with repairs they could be made safe, and 20% are deemed "red", unsafe and requiring major repairs or demolition.

World Concern's accomplishments since January 2010

- More than 100,000 people aided with emergency supplies (food, water, tarps, medical supplies) immediately after the earthquake

- 7,091 people employed through "Cash for Work" program

- 1,284 houses repaired

- 530 transitional shelters constructed

- 989 business grants given out

- 32 churches repaired or built (temporary)

- More than 5,000 people given cholera prevention and treatment information and supplies