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Haiti – Earthquake Fact Sheet #11, Fiscal Year (FY) 2021



2,207 Earthquake-Related Deaths Reported in Haiti
GoH – August 2021  

12,268 Earthquake-Related Injuries Reported in Haiti
GoH – August 2021  

129,929 Estimated Number of Houses Damaged or Destroyed
GoH – August 2021  

650,000 People Requiring Humanitarian Assistance
UN – August 2021  

2.1 MILLION People Exposed to Strong—MMI Level VI—or Above Shaking
USGS – August 2021  

  • USAID/BHA partner IOM distributes nearly 38,000 emergency relief commodities to earthquake-affected households.

  • From September 2 to 7, USAID/BHA transports 10,000 plastic sheets and 10,000 shelter repair kits to Port-au-Prince for onward distribution by IOM.

  • DART members continue to conduct site visits in southwestern Haiti, observing a CRS distribution of assistance in Nippes on September 3.

  • WFP-led humanitarian convoys continue to transport assistance from Port-au-Prince to southwestern Haiti amid security risks and infrastructure damage.