Haiti Earthquake ETC Situation Report #1 Reporting period 14/08/2021 to 19/08/2021

Situation Report
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  • Voice and data communications are still working in most areas despite some damages to infrastructure sustained in the earthquake. The connectivity situation at the epicentre is still unclear.
  • Local partners are mobilising on the ground to assess the situation, and staff have been deployed from several global partners to provide further ICT assessments and support.
  • Access to the affected areas is challenging due damaged and blocked roads as well as security concerns along the route from the capital. More information on the ICT requirements for the response is expected to come soon as responders reach the affected areas.

Situation Update

  • At 08:30AM local time on 14 August, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southern Haiti, heavily impacting areas in the department of Les Nippes. OCHA estimates that 1,400 have died and and more than 6,900 may be injured. The Haitian civil protection agency reports that more than 37,300 homes have been destroyed and 46,000 are damaged.

  • The immediate focus of the humanitarian response has been on search and rescue efforts, medical care and the provision of food and temporary shelter ahead of the arrival of tropical storm Grace on the evening of 16 August. Despite heavy rains, additional damages from the storm were limited. Some roads that had been cleared following the earthquake are blocked again by storm debris.

  • The Haitian Government is working on clearing roads to the affected area which were damaged in the quake. There are also significant security concerns due to the threat of gang violence along the route.