Haiti: Earthquake DREF Final Report n° MDRHT015


Description of the disaster

An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 was recorded on the 6 of October 2018 at 20:12, 15.3 kilometres deep. According to the Haitian Government Technical Unit of Seismology, its epicentre was located at sea in the Turtle Canal, about twenty kilometres west-northwest of Port-de-Paix, North West Department. Many aftershocks were felt between Saturday October 6 and Monday October 8, 2018. The Direction of Civil Protection in Haiti reports 17 deaths: nine in Port-de-Paix, one in Saint-Louis North (North-West) and seven in Gros-Morne (Artibonite). At least 333 people aware injured, most of them in hospitals in the North West, Artibonite and North departments. According to initial assessments by the Government, 7,783 families are in need of humanitarian assistance, due to the partial or total destruction of their houses.

In the department of Artibonite, 42 institutional buildings - schools, churches and other service instructions - are either heavily or slightly damaged in Gros Morne. Four national and private schools are destroyed in Pilate in the North.

Summary of response

Overview of Host National Society After the earthquake, the Haiti Red Cross Society activated its internal disaster response protocols in coordination with the activation of the national disaster response system, in three departments. Additionally, the Haitian Red Cross Society deployed experimented staff from the HQ to the field, 3 vehicles and 114 volunteers were mobilized to give first aide and conduct the assessment with DPC in Gros-Morne in Artibonite Department, in Port-de-Paix, Saint-Louis du Nord in North West Department and Pilate in North Department.