Haiti: Displacement in Port-au-Prince Situation Report No. 4 - As of 1 July 2021


This report is produced by OCHA Haiti in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 23 June to 1 July 2021 and is based on the information and data available to date. The next report will be issued around 9 July.


  • The development of a relocation strategy is urgently needed, as the majority of displaced people want to be resettled outside of their neighbourhood of origin.

  • Meeting the basic needs of IDPs at sites remains a priority, especially for the most vulnerable.

  • MSF emergency centre in Martissant temporarily closed after targeted attack.

  • Tropical Storm Elsa threatens Haiti in the coming days, potentially exposing already displaced and vulnerable people to a storm impact.


Between 22 and 29 June, confrontations between rival gangs in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area continued unabated. According to accounts from local populations and preliminary reports from human rights organizations, an unprecedented situation is currently unfolding in the metropolitan neighbourhoods of Martissant, Bas-Delmas, Cité Soleil and Croix-des-Bouquets, especially considering the rapid movement of thousands of displaced people. Escalating violence continues on an almost daily basis and is expected to last for some time, potentially triggering greater displacement and humanitarian needs.

On 21 June, with violence escalating in Martissant, gang members killed four people, injured two more and attacked drivers and pedestrians heading towards the communes of Port-au-Prince and Carrefour. On 25 June, clashes flared up in Cité Soleil. Several injuries and the death of a two year-old girl and 10 gang members were reported. As a result, an unknown number of additional people became internally displaced, forced to flee the area in search of safety elsewhere. The injured were evacuated to the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) France hospital in Drouillard at great risk to the personal safety of response personnel. Around a dozen families were forced to flee to Canaan.

The following day, on 26 June, gang members burned 12 vehicles and killed one man during clashes in Croix-des-Bouquets. Gangs purposely targeted community members in retaliation for casualties suffered among their ranks.

That same afternoon, the MSF Belgium emergency centre in Martissant was the target of an armed attack. No injuries were reported, but MSF decided to evacuate its staff and patients. On 27 June, MSF announced the temporary one-week closure of the centre and the suspension of its ambulance services, as the safety of staff and patients cannot be guaranteed. Even before the attack, MSF emergency centre staff experienced challenges in reaching their workplace. Since clashes began, only MSF ambulances have been permitted to circulate, with caution, in order to transfer patients in the southern part of the city. Neither the National Ambulance Centre (CAN) nor the Haitian Red Cross dared to venture into these neighbourhoods.

The Government has set up a Task Force to manage the ongoing population displacement situation. To ensure coherence and coordination among all the actors involved, the Humanitarian Coordinator, OCHA and IOM held a meeting with the Task Force on 29 June, where coordination mechanisms, the response to urgent needs and the relocation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) were discussed. It was agreed that the Task Force and key players will continue to meet regularly to coordinate activities and discuss the evolving situation. One of the priorities of the Task Force is to find resources as soon as possible to relocate IDPs from different sites.

In addition to the already complex situation of ongoing violence and insecurity, a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths and protracted political instability, forecasts from the US National Hurricane Center show that Tropical Storm Elsa could potentially hit Haiti between 3 and 4 July.


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