Haiti: Displacement and insecurity in Tabarre Issa (Port-au-Prince) - Information Note n.1 (31/03/2021)

Situation Report
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• Over the past three days, as a result of the violence and attacks against civilians, around 3,000 people have fled the Tabarre Issa site in Port-au-Prince.

• According to available information, at least four violent incidents have been reported in this area in recent weeks. Several inhabitants of the Tabarre Issa site have been killed or injured, houses and a church have been burnt down.

• Humanitarian actors are mobilized and are preparing to respond to the situation in collaboration with the national authorities.


The Tabarre Issa site is located in Galette Greffin, a locality in the commune of Tabarre in the departement of Ouest. After the 2010 earthquake, the land was handed over by the state as a site for displaced people. Approximately 512 families from the Bourdon Valley (Port-au-Prince) and its surrounding neighbourhoods, who had their homes destroyed by the earthquake, live on this land. Emergency shelters were built.

Over time, the neighbourhood became urbanized and the land increased in value. Since 2020, several recurrent security incidents involving gangs occurred as the land is reportedly coveted.

According to the joint registration carried out on 5 March by the IOM DTM (Displacement Monitoring Matrix) team and the DGPC, the site was inhabited by more than 500 households (2,500 people), including 35 pregnant or breastfeeding women, 55 people with disabilities, 139 people with chronic illnesses, 24 elderly people and 824 children.

Due to repeated acts of violence, at least 3,000 people fled Tabarre Issa between 29 and 31 March, leaving behind their belongings, to seek refuge in the Bourdon Valley area.

At least four incidents of violence have been reported in the area in recent weeks.

• On 9 March, armed individuals opened fire on people living at the Tabarre Issa site. Two were injured.

• On 21 March, another attack was carried out on the site, resulting in the death of one person.

• On 28 March, in a clash between two heavily armed gangs, at least two people were reportedly killed, and three others injured, including a child. A body burnt and decapitated was found. Houses were reportedly set on fire.

• On 29 March, more houses and the church were burnt down. Several unconfirmed sources report multiple deaths, including three young girls.


Partners from the Protection Sector led by OPC (Office de la Protection du Citoyen) and OHCHR met on 31 March to analyse the situation and establish the relevant actions to be taken to address the most urgent needs.

OCHA made a rapid visit to Djobel (Bourdon Valley) to gather first-hand information. No spontaneous settlements sites have been observed for the moment, most of the people seem to be with host families.

IOM deployed its DTM teams to locate the displaced people and initiate a vulnerability and needs assessment. This data will also facilitate the relocation process. OIM and UNFPA will provide assistance and psychological first aid.

According to UNICEF, several families sought refuge in the premises of the organization "Kids Club Haiti" where they received food, water and shelter

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