Haiti: Cholera figures (31 August 2017)

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The month of August 2017 witnessed the maintenance of a "low" cholera situation, with a number of cases equivalent to that of 2014, which represents a significant decrease compared to previous years. Thus, the number of suspected cases between January and August is 9,531 and 110 deaths, as against 27,479 and 252 deaths over the same period in 2016. The departments of Artibonite, Centre have the highest prevalence of the epidemic in the country, with 70% of the country's total cases between weeks 31 and 35 of 2017, mostly in rural areas that are difficult to access. To address this situation, (19) response teams from the eight (8) non-governmental organizations supported by UNICEF and PAHO / WHO in support of the MSPP have been redeployed to outbreak areas to strengthen community activities and institutional care.

4 specialized field teams are deployed throughout the country to improve the quality of care and the sanitation conditions in the cholera management structures. However, the lack of funding for the National Cholera Elimination Plan is delaying the implementation of the integration and upgrading of all structures.

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