Haiti: Cholera figures (18 November 2016)

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Since the beginning of 2016, the humanitarian partners working in cholera response identified a risky scenario created by the increase in the number of suspected cholera cases and the decrease of funding to fight the disease. Following the reduction of the number of response teams in April (-40%) and the heavy rains in May, a rapid upsurge was reported. To control the disease, additional response teams were activated in June and July, allowing to decrease the number of cases between 7 August and 1st October. As a consequence of hurricane Matthew the number of suspected cholera cases increased from 2,236 - reported between 4 September and 1st October - to 5,100 cases - registered between 9 October and 5 November. About 52% of these new cases were reported in the departments of Grand’ Anse and South; before the hurricane this proportion was about 8%.

However, partners remain optimistic as the nationwide severe upsurge feared in the weeks after Matthew has not happened so far. Moreover, the ongoing vaccination campaign will contribute to further reduce transmission in South and Grand’ Anse and the risk of a future national outbreak.

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