Haiti: Appeal No. MAAHT001 Final Report 2006 - 2007


This report covers the period of 01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007 of a two-year planning and appeal process.

In brief

Goal: The overall goal of the Federation in Haiti is to strengthen the capacities of the Haitian National Red Cross Society to more effectively meet the needs of vulnerable people and become an increasingly relevant partner for civil society.

Programme summary:

In general, the 2006-2007 Haiti Appeal was characterized by serious funding constraints that have affected the Federation's supporting role to the Haitian Red Cross and led to the phasing out of a country representation in Haiti. In addition, the financial constraints meant that, for instance, the objectives for the Humanitarian Principles and Values and Organizational Development Programmes, as set out in the Appeal, could not or only partially be achieved.

In spite of the above, in 2006, with reduced human and financial resources, the HNRCS accomplished significant achievements in the fields of Disaster Management and Health with the support of the Federation. In 2007, the HNRCS continued to implement its core programmes, with support from a range of donors, from both within and outside the Movement. Through the Caribbean regional programme, the HNRCS continued to receive support in specific areas, such as Club 25, a regional initiative to expand voluntary non-remunerated blood donations and encourage healthy lifestyles in young people. The Federation also supported the HNRCS to respond to localized but extensive floods, caused by tropical storms and hurricanes which affected large numbers of people, by releasing DREF allocations or launching an emergency appeal and providing technical support to respond to the immediate and follow-up needs of those affected (see details in separate emergency reports posted at: http://www.ifrc.org/where/country/cn6.asp?countryid=80).

Despite the progress made in some of the programmes, 2007 also marked the end of the Federation's presence in Haiti. At the end of June 2007, the office of the Haiti Delegation came to a close. It had been decided to have a single liason Federation person with a relevant background in Organizational Development, based in the Headquarters of the Haitian National Society, but this was not possible, due to a serious lack of funding. Instead, a Representative is located in Santo Domingo in the Federation Representation Office that covers Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, since November 2007. Funding here will also be decisive for the continuity of this Office.

Needs: Total 2006-2007 budget CHF 4,527,058 (USD 4,049,247 or EUR 2,743,672) (out of which 48 per cent covered). Click here to go directly to the attached financial reports: report 2006 report 2007 report 2006/2007

If applicable, include needs for related Emergency, Special or Bi-annual Appeals.


Contact information

For further information on this Appeal, contact:

In Haiti: Dr. Michaèle Amedée Gédéon, President, Haitian National Red Cross Society, e-mail: drgedeonm@yahoo.com, phone (509) 222 55 54; Dr. Guiteau Jean-Pierre, Executive Officer, Haitian National Red Cross Society, email: guiteau2001@yahoo.com

In Santo Domingo: Rafael Olaya, Regional Representative for Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti; e-mail: Rafael.olaya@ifrc.org

In Panama: Maria Alcazar, Resource Mobilization Coordinator, Americas; email: maria.alcazar@ifrc.org; phone: (507) 308 0250; fax: (507) 317 1304