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Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Cholera appeal no. MDR49008 Operation Update no. 4

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This Operations Update conveys a revised budget of 3,205,088 Swiss francs. These funds have enabled the IFRC to support the Dominican Red Cross (DRC) and the Haitian Red Cross Society’s (HRCS) efforts to reduce cholera from Hispaniola Island, and to deliver assistance to 499,637 people. The revision is the result of attempts to better align actual expenses made by projects as the emergency appeal approaches completion at the end of March 2016. Based on the budget revision, the total coverage is approximately 117 per cent.

The International Appeal is based on a revised plan of action developed in close coordination with the Coalition to Eliminate Cholera in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in support of a ten-year Government programme developed by the respective Ministries of Health and Water and Sanitation. Working in partnership with the HRCS and DRC, this Appeal elaborates on the Red Cross’ vital role and responsibilities in the effort to eliminate cholera in the respective countries. Details are available in the secretariat’s previously issued Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA).