Haiti: AMI Foundation is coordinating 3 displaced camps in Port-au-Prince

News and Press Release
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Following the emergency mission that AMI (International Medical Assistance) has been developing in Haiti since 14th January 2010 and the health assistance that has been providing to the beneficiaries of Parc Colofer, the NGO is coordinating, in collaboration with the Jesuite Refugee Service, 3 displaced camps in Port-au-Prince since March, namely Parc Colofer, Palais d'Art and Henfrasa in Delmas 33.

Henfrasa has 693 families living in the Camp with a total of approximately 7410 people, Palais de l'Art has around 1350 people living in the Camp (270 families) and in Parc Colofer, at the present, there are 124 families living in the Camp, a total of approximately 1200 people, of which 243 are children, 25 of those are orphans.

This coordination project, which overall objective is to contribute for the improvement of the aid provided for the population living in displaced camps at Port-au-Prince, is now co-financed by IOM.

Furthermore, continuing the work that was developing before the earthquake, AMI Foundation supports financially 2 local NGO's in Port-au-Prince, namely APROSIFA, an NGO that works in communitarian health, mainly developing a nutrition programme for children and pregnant women, and REFRAKA, an organization that promotes health education through a local radio and awareness raising activities about several health topics.