GARR denounces the resurgence of cases of forced evictions in hosting camps

The Group of support to repatriated and refugees (GARR) is alarmed at the persistence of the operations of forced evictions against displaced families still living in living in subhuman conditions in the camps. More and more agents of the State, particularly uniformed officers, are involved in these arbitrary acts.

More specifically, GARR condemns the double expulsion operated three days apart, either the 4 and 7 September 2013 against hundreds of displaced families of the earthquake in the camp Christopher and in the Cabaret area.

Indeed, on Saturday, September 7, around noon, escorted by police, armed civilians in uniform have invested camp Christopher, in the area of Christ-Roi. They destroyed a hundred tents while some furniture (beds, tables, etc..) that were there. Destructors being violently pushed the occupants and away money, phone and other objects found in the destroyed tents. This action was carried out while the displaced from the camp were in a process of negotiations with IOM for their relocation.

72 hours earlier, on 4 September 2013, displaced persons refugees on the 'Lanmè frape' site, Cabaret, North of the capital, had been the subject of similar acts. According to the victims, a group of civilians hoods, accompanied by police of Cabaret mounted aboard three vehicles including one carrying officials of the departmental unit for maintenance of order (UDMO), destroyed 393 houses in sheet.

From January to September 2013, 15 accommodation camps have been prey to forced evictions accompanied by abuse of residents - es.

GARR deems it unacceptable, the indifference of the administration Martelly / Lamothe against such acts, while they are responsible under the Constitution to ensure protection, security and physical integrity of citizens/citizens wherever they may be. GARR condemns the behaviour of police officers, who are without a judicial warrant, are currently operate with armed civilians to drive them out of their places of refuge for thousands of people who have lost everything in the earthquake of 12 January 2010. He asked the HNP officials to crack down on these police officers who seem to operate outside any hierarchy.

GARR deplores the silence of several sectors, such as the Parliament, churches, which have never raised the voice against these inhuman and degrading acts perpetrated against a defenceless population, victim of a large disaster. More and more, we live in the country as if nothing had happened and we quickly forget the fate of thousands of people who no longer have a place to live. GARR calls on the Haitian people to get out of this indifference and to take a stand against these acts of banditry which violate the dignity of the displaced families become doubly victims.

Finally, GARR urged the Government to pass from words to acts by adopting the following measures:

Investigate and punish the perpetrators and accomplices persons in cases of forced evictions carried out against displaced persons in the camp Christopher, as well as those from other camps.

Identify and punish police officers and the officials of the specialized bodies of the Haitian National Police involved in the evictions.

Identify and punish the police and officers of specialized of the Haitian National Police (HNP) bodies involved in the evictions.

Ensure the relocation of victims of January 12 in dignity by offering them the opportunity to be decently housed.