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Jan 14 (Reuters) - The death toll from Haiti's earthquake could be between 45,000 and 50,000, with a further three million people injured or homeless, a senior Haitian Red Cross official said on Thursday.

Following are some of the efforts by foreign governments and aid agencies to help:

UNITED STATES - President Barack Obama said he had dispatched U.S. troops and ships to Haiti to assist in earthquake rescue and recovery efforts. He said the U.S. would spend $100 million for immediate relief efforts from the earthquake.

UNITED NATIONS - U.N. is immediately releasing $10 million from its central emergency response fund, and mobilising an emergency response team to help coordinate aid efforts.

-- U.N. World Food Program head Josette Sheeran said the agency already was flying in additional food that would provide more than 500,000 emergency meals. WFP expects to launch a $100 million food distribution operation for 12 months, to be part of an interagency flash appeal. -- The children's agency UNICEF is dispatching two planes and a ship laden with tents, as well as food and other supplies designed for women and children.

EUROPEAN UNION - The EU's executive European Commission approved 3 million euros ($4.37 million) of fast-track funding for the international effort, a spokeswoman said.


BELGIUM - Belgium has sent a military aircraft carrying a medical team of 20, a search-and-rescue team of 33 and a water purification system.

BRITAIN - Britain said it would donate $10 million for relief in Haiti. Britain has sent 64 specialist search-and-rescue firefighters, along with two search dogs and 10 tonnes of search and rescue equipment.

CANADA - The government announced it initially would make up to C$5 million ($4.8 million) available to help provide emergency shelter, medical services, food, relief items, water and sanitation services. A 20-person reconnaissance team will see what aid is needed and two rescue helicopters could be sent.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Donates 5 million Czech crowns ($277,300) to help replenish Haiti's water resources.

FINLAND - Said it would allot 1.25 mln euros to help victims.

FRANCE - Aid group Doctors without Borders (MSF) has said it is sending an inflatable hospital to Haiti. It has two operating theatres and capacity for 100 beds. MSF also is flying in doctors and nurses from the U.S. and a second plane from France on Jan. 15.

-- Three French state aircraft carrying 40 tonnes of equipment, doctors and security staff have already landed in Haiti. A fourth will leave from Guadeloupe with 5 tonnes of equipment and 80 emergency service personnel, and a fifth plane will leave France later.

GERMANY - Germany pledged 1.5 million euros ($2.18 million).

ICELAND - An Icelandic search-and-rescue team consisting of 35 volunteers has begun trying to pull people out from under rubble in Port au Prince. The team has brought 10 tonnes of tools and equipment, three tonnes of water, tents, advanced communication equipment and water purifying capability. Base operations are being set up as well as assisting in reception and as a coordination centre for other teams arriving.

IRAN - Iran's Red Crescent plans to send about 30 tonnes of aids including food, tents and medicine to Haiti on Jan. 14.

IRELAND - Ireland has pledged 2 million euros in additional emergency funding to Haiti be channelled through the U.N. and Irish aid agencies. Dublin also is sending a team of experts to to assist in the emergency effort. Irish Aid will deploy specialists from its Rapid Reaction Corps.

ISRAEL - The Israeli military has chartered two planes to fly a field hospital and some 220 people to the disaster zone. ITALY - Italy said it had earmarked 500,000 euros to the U.N. World Food Progamme and another 500,000 euros to an emergency fund being set up by the International Red Cross.

NETHERLANDS - Said it would send an urban search-and-rescue team to Haiti, consisting of 60 people as well as sniffer dogs, to help find people under the rubble. It said the team is part of a coordinationed international rescue action led by the U.N.

SLOVENIA - Slovenia is donating 50,000 euros ($72,710) as an aid contribution to Haiti.

SWEDEN - Contributed 24 million Swedish crowns ($3.42 million) to Haiti disaster relief through a dedicated U.N. fund that existed before the quake. A small logistics team also has been dispatched as part of wider U.N. relief efforts.

INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK - The Inter-American Development Bank said it would provide $200,000 in immediate aid. The World Bank planned to send a team to help assess damage and plan a recovery.


-- Many aid agencies were scrambling to provide help. Efforts included:

-- ICRC sending 3,000 body bags in delayed cargo plane which they hope will depart on Jan. 14 from Geneva.

-- Around 600 injured people are being treated at MSF hospitals, the aid group said on Wednesday.

-- Telecoms Sans Frontieres, a humanitarian group that helps set up communications during disasters, deployed an emergency team from Managua to provide vital support in emergency telecommunications. They are carrying satellite mobile and fixed telecommunications tools.

(Reporting by Reuters bureaux, Compiled by Alan Elsner, Frances Kerry and David Cutler, London Editorial Reference Unit; Editing by Michael Roddy)

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