Fact Sheet: Cholera situation in Haiti, 1 January/15 April 2017

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5,095 suspected cholera cases from 1 January to 15 April, in comparison to 12,536 for the same period in 2016

Current situation

From 1st January to 15 April, the MSPP registered 5,095 suspected cholera cases and 69 related deaths, in comparison to the 12,536 suspected cases and 134 deaths for the same period in 2016. This downward trend, if maintained, is an opportunity to take this year a big step towards the elimination of the transmission, in case funding is available and rapid response is accordingly intensified. As of 31 December 2016, Haitian and international efforts have succeeded in reducing the cholera cases and fatalities in Haiti by almost 88% since the peak in 2011 (350,000 cases).

However, the country is still extremely vulnerable to cholera, particularly in the West, Centre, Artibonite and North departments. Furthermore, the impending rainy season represents an additional risk. Even though the number of cases remains lower than in 2016, support to the Ministry of Health remains crucial to strengthen investigations and the rapid response to specific cases, as well as to reinforce the activities under the umbrella of the National Plan for the Elimination of Cholera.

-Funding overview and response 2010-2017

For 2017, as of 24 April, the UN has mobilized more than $17.7 million for the cholera response in Haiti through different instruments, such as the Cholera Response Multi-Partner Trust Fund ($2,6 million) and the Humanitarian Response Plan (mainly though UNICEF and PAHO/WHO). Between October 2010 and April 2017, the UN family in Haiti has supported the Haitian authorities mobilizing more than $350 million for both for rapid response and for longer term response (including more than 300 direct initiatives and projects).